Doggy Potty Training


It's now 15 weeks and Patch hasn't had any accidents.  I still pick her up when she has been sleeping and take her outside but she seems to know where she needs to go.  We also always take her out after playing hard for 15 minutes and after she eats and when ever she gets a drink or starts to wonder around.  This puppy has been very easy to train so far.  Some nights we sleep the entire night. 


At 12 weeks, Patch is doing really good.  She is sleeping a good 4 hours at night, starts to wiggle around, I take her out in the middle of the yard, she goes, and we all go back to sleep for another 4 hours.  Of course, Gunny and Meatball go out too and I make sure they “go potty”.  If the yard is wet, I tell Meatball and Gunny; “towel”, and they will stop inside the door and get dried (and play with the towel), then we all go back to bed.  I don’t know if I can have any more dogs, the bed is full with Wamo and I, 3 jack russells, a 22 pound black cat and sometimes a 17 pound red cat.  I know there will be some big changes when Gunny goes into season, we may put all the jacks in crates. 


I really have to watch Patch when she eats.  As soon as she gets full, she needs to go out.  She’ll slip off somewhere and go.  She kind of knows she should go outside, but she can’t wait and doesn’t know how to tell us.  She seems to be able to hold it when we leave them at home.  We put her in an exercise pen in the house with either Gunny or Meatball or both when we are not at home.  Of course, when we get home we let them all out. 


We got Patch at 8 weeks old.  Eight weeks is really just for getting the dog accustomed to going potty where you want.  So basically at 8 weeks it is the owner being trained not the puppy.  Owners need to know that puppies need to go a lot!  When they wake up, after they eat, after 20 minutes of play, almost any time they are wondering around.  Another thing you need to know is that if you just put the puppy outside, they might just cuddle up and not go.  Then you let them in and they piddle on the floor.  I take Patch out 20 feet or more out the door and watch to make sure she goes.  Then she can come in.  Patch likes to be warm, so she will wait as long as she can before she will go out. 


Poops can be difficult.  Puppies can hold poops longer so I might have to take her out to the middle of the yard several times.  The other problem with poops is that she gets distracted and doesn’t go, or doesn’t finish completely.  That’s why I always wait for them to completely finish before praising them.  I also tell them, “go potty”.  So they know what I am standing out in the cold waiting for. 


Did I mention that if they are sleeping with you, as my little princess is doing, that you will probably have to get up in the middle of the night.  If you sleep soundly, I suggest that you don’t sleep with a puppy.  Now if you can get them to go on puppy training sheets, that is sooooo much easier.  Meatball was wonderful, I would wake up in the middle of the night and set him on the puppy pad and he would go and return to my arms.  My last two, Gunny and Patch, were started on newspaper and think a puppy pad is something to play with.  For some reason, I can’t seem to get my puppies to use newspaper.  So the last two have been taken outside. 


Remember that each puppy is an individual and that some are easier than others.  Some puppies just don’t get control of their bladders as fast as other puppies.  It can take 6 months to a year for some to be completely potty trained.  Sometimes even longer.  But if the owner is trained to watch and put the puppy out when wandering, after eating, after playing, and when they wake up, then it all seems to work out faster.