Terrier Fun Show!

We went to California for a Terrier Fun Show.  
This was a big learning experience for us.  
We learned a ton and had lots of fun!

There was go-to-ground. 
What you do is work with your dogs on going through small black tunnels without fear.


Unfortunately ours were not trained for this and having excellent good sense they decided that it was too dark and scary in there.  We will do better next time.  Note:  we did do better next time, Tee was 2nd to the fastest dog through the super course!

Tunnels were made of plywood, three sided with a dirt floor.  
Made by Robert of JRS Jack Russells, there was two tunnels leading to 3 caged rats.  
The tunnels were approx. 20 feet long and led under the hay bails where the
dogs were 
timed on how fast they got through the tunnels and they also had to bark or cry at the rats. 















 There was agility. 

This is like going to the Gym.                                                              

You know... some people love workouts and some people hate them.  
But in the  beginning it is torture no matter who it is.  
This was the first time for our dogs and they had to be persuaded with liver treats 
to make the jumps and go through tunnels.


Then there was the tough stuff.                                                                                                               Meatball took one look at that ramp and said nooooo way!  
So we passed that one and went on to the cross over which was simple and no problem.  
Then in practice we tried the Teeter Totter.  When that thing went down Meatball jumped down.  
However we practiced (with liver) and he got the hang of all three of these. 


There was racing

 All three of mine loved the chase but they hated the muzzle.  
Well, something else they have to be trained on.  It was a lot of fun.  
First dog through the hole in the hay wins.



The boxes were another challenge.  But easier to learn than the muzzles. 

We also had conformation and lure coursing. 

Lure Coursing was fantastic.  
Each dog ran alone and no muzzle so my dogs got really excited and had a great time.

Conformation was different from anything I have ever seen before.  
The judges critiqued each dog individually and then talked to you about your dogs 
strengths and weaknesses.  It was very informative.


We also participated in the costume contest.  Meatball won that with his Hawaiian outfit.