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Meatball, Gunny, Patchy and Tee                                                                       Gunny, Meatball, and Patchy

is the serious type.  He likes to be in charge and keep everyone in line.  He will protect puppies and challenge 120 
pound Dobermans. He likes to play tug of war and he likes to swim and play in water.  He is our resident puppy sitter.  
He takes care of the new babies in the house.  He can play Tug-of-War very gently with puppies and he is very patient with them.  
He is loving and kind, yet has all the terrier spunk.  He has completed his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  
Completed an AKC Rally Excellent Champion in just four shows and UKC Grand Championship.  
He is strong and weighs 14 pounds. He is about 10 1/2 inches tall and thinks he is 36 inches tall.  Spanable at 15 inches.  

is a character.  She lives to please.  She loves to play in mud puddles but doesn't like to swim. Birds in trees are very exciting!
She is 10 1/2 inches.  She likes to eat (weighs 14 pounds) and likes to be rubbed & petted. We have only had her for a year but she   
gets better with time. She has fantastic puppies. Mary is a UKC Grand Champion Russell Terrier. 

is like her face color.  Half and half.  A little princess; a little devil.  She doesn't like to get wet, loves to cuddle, 
loves to sleep and she is sooo sweet.  But... she loves to play rough and she is the hunter. 
Bugs and lizards are not safe from her.  She likes to bury her treats in her blankets (or under Dad's pillow) and then guard 
that area from the other dogs.  Patchy has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Award and AKC Rally Novice championship. 
She is 10 inches tall and weighs 11.5 pounds. She is a UKC Champion Russell Terrier.

is such a handsome little guy.  A very easy going and very sweet temperament. Kind of quiet and keeps out of trouble.  
He wants to please and gets very excited about going to training for obedience.  This guy loves to swim and fetch whatever floats
in the water. He is the son of Patchy and Meatball. He is really cute and a lot of fun.  
He is right at 10 inches tall and weighs 11 lbs.  
Herc is a UKC Grand Champion Russell Terrier and has won Best of Breed several times. 

IC (Irish Cream)
came all the way from Ireland to be with us.  She is so sweet.  
Looks at you with adoration in her eyes and melts your heart.
Has a sense of smell that you wouldn't believe.  Can swim like a fish.  She is our tallest Jack Russell at 12 inches.  
We will be breeding her to dogs that throw small babies.  .

Ruffy (Ruffian) is Gunny's puppy out of GRCH Quest of JRS.  Flashy, fearless, friendly and fun all describe Ruffy.  
She is a real sweet baby, always happy and ready to play.  Small in size but big in heart.  
We are very proud of her and her sisters, Murphy (in New Hampshire) and Freckles. 
Ruffy is a UKC Grand Champion Russell Terrier and is the #1 UKC Jack Russell in the United States.  

Flash is Patchy's puppy out of Short Stop Elvis.  Elvis is Gunny's full sister.  
Flash lives with our daughter and is the proud owner of my Grandson Will, Grandson Josh and Granddaughter Liz.  
She is very protective of Will who is  3 years old and she is very tolerant of a baby's ways. 
Very loving, sweet little girl.  Pictured at 9 months old, she is very small at 10 inches and only weighs 11 pounds.  
She is a UKC Champion Russell Terrier. 

All Luv
is IC's puppy out of Meatball.  All Luv is just what her name describes.  She is extremely loving and sweet.  
She is a lap dog and likes to stay close to you.   She quickly finished her UKC Jack Russell Championship. 
She is very small at 10 inches and only weighs 11 pounds.  


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A sleepy Sunday Afternoon.


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